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VSC Mobile programme

The VSC mobile program is educational social assistance for young people in order to achieve their comprehensive growth and active participation in society.

The main activity of the VSC mobile program is regular open activities in different public spaces of the city, during which it is possible to play various games.

 Who is the programme for?

14-29 y.o. young people spending time in the public spaces of the city of Vilnius and local communities.

Objectives of the VSC mobile program

  • To create a safe space for playing and strengthening or renewing mutual relations.
  • Accompany, educate and help young people or their groups to solve everyday challenges.
  • Mobilize communities and represent the rights of young people.

Objectives of the VSC mobile program

Activities are held for at least once per week in a specific area in Vilnius. The content of the activity may vary depending on the needs of young people, the time of year, and the specificity of the public space.

We publish information on where activities are currently held on the Facebook page: Mobili Programa VSC

Main principles of the VSC mobile program team


We work with all people regardless of their age, gender, nationality, views, abilities, etc.

It’s the process, not the result that matters

We are not focused on the development of specific skills, but we aim to create such conditions that everyone can learn something.

 Active participation

We encourage active participation in making decisions about session rules, course, planning and involvement in all program activities.


We create respectful, trust-based relationships and strive to maintain them. We monitor people’s needs and try to respond to what young people need or want at that time.