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Street-based social work programme

Street Youth Work is a long-term programme that aims to build strong relationships with young people who spend a lot of their free time on the streets, providing them with comprehensive social and educational support, and advocating for their rights.

 Who is the programme for?

The programme is aimed at young people between the ages of 12 and 20 who spend most of their free time on the streets or other public spaces. Street-based workers engage with older youths or younger children when necessary.

What do street-based social workers do?

Visit places where young people gather

such as playgrounds, yards and shopping centers. In these locations, they meet people, spend time with them and talk about a wide range of topics important to young people.

Carry out individual counselling and support

for young people facing challenging situations. If necessary, young people are referred to other organisations where they can receive specialised support. Our staff can help young people with issues at home, school or among their peers, or with advice on spending their leisure time safely or employment.

Work with youth groups 

Once stronger ties with young people have been established, street-based workers initiate joint activities such as trips, hikes, camps and youth exchanges. The aim is for youths not only to have a good time, but also to learn things.

Create opportunities for young people to work 

and learn through work experience. We see this work as an opportunity for staff to strengthen their relationship with young people, and for young people to test themselves in real workplaces.

Organise food distribution in the community

Once every two to three months, street-based social workers work with young people to distribute rations to food bank recipients in Naujininkai.

Organise open food evenings

Once a week, street workers invite young people to the Vilnius Social Club house where they cook together, socialise and strengthen their relationships.

Our principles


When we meet young people in the street, we want to make it as clear as possible who we are and how we can be of use to them. We believe that success in working together is only possible when a warm and respectful relationship is established between staff and young people. We do not want to “push” young people to change, but we try to be there when they are ready.


Our team is committed to working with a wide range of organisations and institutions that contribute to young people’s well-being or help solve their problems. We seek to build direct relationships with our partners, understand how they work, and continuously look for opportunities to work together.