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Teen Club

The Teen Club serves as a space to safely experience early adolescence, aid youths’ growth and receive comprehensive help with various issues.

Objectives of the Teen Club 

  • Developing adolescents’ personal skills.

  • Expanding teenagers’ future horizons.

  • Contributing to solving issues in the teen environment.

Who is the Teen Club for? 

It is for adolescents aged 11 to 14 experiencing a range of personal or social difficulties in their family or peer group, or at school. Up to 12 adolescents participate in the programme at any one time.

How does the Teen Club work? 

The programme’s main activity comprises closed groups that take place three times a week in the afternoon. During these sessions, adolescents learn through experience and reflection: they cook their own meals, plan their budget, study, organise their leisure activities, tidy their physical space, create and maintain group agreements, and learn how to act in groups.

During the season, young people are invited to participate in trips, hikes and camps.

Adolescents and/or their families receive individual counselling when needed, while cooperation is sought with other agencies to help improve adolescents’ life situation.

Our principles

Needs-based support

Programme staff see each participant as an individual functioning within a unique system which needs to be understood.


The group is a key resource for the participant’s growth. The group is a safe space in which participants can experiment, reflect and learn from experience.


Empowerment is understood primarily as the enablement of an empowering relationship between the programme providers and adolescents. Staff place an emphasis on creating a safe environment in which the participant feels accepted and is encouraged to take initiative and responsibility according to his or her abilities.

Exploring boundaries

We invite young people to explore and understand their own boundaries and those of the group. Together we explore how boundaries are created, changed and challenged.

Learning from experience

Teenagers who participate in the programme are encouraged to set their own learning targets, take an active role in achieving them and apply what they have learned.